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"We have dealt with David for several years. In fact, we sought him out after he left a banking institution to complete his final R.F.P. certification.


David cares about people at a personal and financial level. He has taken the time to really get to know us and our personal retirement dreams and goals. We feel he sees us in 3D, not just as bank accounts. David’s focus is always on how he can help us do what we want to do. As a result, we are enjoying our retirement! 


David is well prepared, conscientious, open to ideas and is very accessible. We value his advice, consul and sense of humour. David is an all around nice guy who just happens to be a financial planner too!"

Cam & Susanne

"We are extremely grateful to have found Spencer and his team. He has provided sound investment advice and tax planning strategies that have increased our net worth substantially. We have always received superb customer service and patience with our numerous inquiries. I would never hesitate to recommend RT Mosaic to anyone looking for excellence in wealth management!"

Brenda & Vernon

“We have had a great experience working with David and RT Mosaic. David is a trusted advisor, who is proactive and thorough. His detailed approach has given us the information and options we need to make our retirement plans. RT Mosaic offers a full range of services which minimizes the time required on our end to ensure we have appropriate coverage on all fronts.”

Nancy & Greg

"I came to RT Mosaic with some very complex needs after a major change in my family situation. RT Mosaic handled all the transitions expertly and quickly, and helped me devise a strategy for my new life. They are very knowledgeable and skilled and their strategy has allowed me to realize some excellent returns in a difficult market. In addition, they are wonderful to work with, responsive, and I feel like they know me at a personal level rather than as an account number. I have no reservations about recommending RT Mosaic for your investment needs!"


"I highly recommend RT Mosaic. Not only have they delivered great returns, but their proactive approach to client engagement ensures that my investments are properly allocated, even when personal circumstances change. Very happy I made the switch over to RT Mosaic."​


"We had our investment portfolio with one of the "Big 5 Banks" Private Wealth Management arms for over ten years. We saw modest growth over time, but there was no comprehensive plan for our unique situation: no tax planning and logical diversification for heading into retirement.


It was a very reactive versus proactive situation with the firm. Indeed, it was not ‘expert advice’ and ‘exceptional service’ as the Private Wealth firm advertised.


We looked at alternative options to place our retirement portfolio. After careful research and time, we decided that RT Mosaic had the most to offer and fit our investment and retirement objectives.


After one year with Spencer and RT Mosaic, the numbers speak for themselves. Exceptional performance after taxes, fees, and ongoing withdrawals and a forward looking financial plan aligning our interests and goals with our assets. We could not be happier with the investment performance and service."


​"We moved over to RT Mosaic recently from one of the large institutions.  We were blown away by the service.  It was not only the savings and retirement goals and associated planning but the cash flow and budgeting, insurance, estate planning, and tax planning recommendations.  We liked that this was all unbiased and honest advice. As RT Mosaic doesn’t sell any products, they are in it so that you can make the most out of your money.  We had the opportunity to sit down and review the plan that was developed specifically for us, not just investors like us or the group we might fit into.  This gave us a better understanding than we ever had about where we are invested and why we are invested there.  We wish we had made this decision earlier and recommend taking the time to sit down and talk to RT Mosaic about what they can do for you." 

Eric & Viki


"I engaged this company a year ago and although having been with one of the largest brokerage houses in the city for many years, I had minimal knowledge of my portfolio and how to best management my assets. RT Mosaic Wealth Management spent lots of time with me discussing my business wants and needs. Spencer has addressed those specifically and has never pushed me to invest when I wanted to pay down debt. Because they work independent of the investment firm's, there is no conflict of interest. I have full confidence in their integrity and addressing what is good for me."



​"Spencer has literally evaluated every single aspect of our financial lives, including advice on our existing wills, our insurance needs, our cash flow, my corporate arrangements, retirement planning, education planning, etc.  He has spent hours and hours helping me so far and has provided me with advice far beyond expectations."

Dr. C.S.


​​"Our experience with RT Mosaic has been one of exceptional service and attention to detail.  Feeling disgruntled from a lack of performance in our portfolios after dealing with a number of financial institutions, we wanted a more personal experience that would provide better value to us as we prepare to enter our retirement years.  Not only have they achieved this for us but they have gone beyond by providing us with tax planning, everyday ways to save and retirement advice - all for an extremely low management fee compared to the market norms.  I would highly recommend RT Mosaic to anyone who is looking for value in the markets today or help with wealth management."


​"Both my wife and I have engaged the services of RT Mosaic in the last year, this could not have gone smoother. The plans and services I am now involved with are tailored much closer to my needs and goals. I believe this is the right move for my future and my assets."

Barrett and Beryl

​"My wife and I recently came onboard as clients with RT Mosaic, after hearing more about their client focused, low fee only approach.  Their Six Step Financial Planning Process ensures their services are personalized to their clients needs, and continue to evolve as your wealth grows or life situations change. The extensive risk tolerance analysis they perform provides an excellent overview of risk appetite, and taught me a lot that I didn’t know about my comfort with investment risk, even after years of investing on my own.  RT Mosaic's approach of total net worth planning provides advice and direction on all aspects of financial, estate, and retirement planning, all under one roof.  They definitely go well beyond a typical advisor’s objective of simply selling insurance products and mutual funds with outrageous fees, without actively monitoring your portfolio or investment goals.  It was refreshing to hear an unbiased view of what our actual insurance needs are based on our current life situation, without pressure to buy a variety of insurance products that don’t necessarily make sense for us.  They definitely have their client’s goals in mind, minimizing the fees you pay, and maximizing your net worth potential.  They are very responsive to inquires (being an Engineer, I tend to ask a lot of questions!) and take the time to address any concerns to ensure you are comfortable with the investment decisions being made.  RT Mosaic’s other strength is their ongoing monitoring.  They strive to make sure you stick to your plan, and continually review your portfolio and investments to ensure you remain on track to reach your life goals, which are also reviewed on an ongoing basis.  I have recommended RT Mosaic to numerous friends and colleagues since coming onboard, and won’t hesitate to do so in the future."

Chris, P.Eng

​"As clients of RT Mosaic Wealth Management Ltd., since July, 2010 we have been very impressed by the knowledge, professionalism, and dedication shown by the team at RT Mosaic.  We have the utmost confidence in their model, the implementation of the plan and their ability to make changes to our asset mix as required.  They are always available for questions, and make the effort to keep us informed.  Both Chris and Spencer are approachable and have worked hard to build a strong, trustworthy and personal relationship with their clients.  Chris and Spencer have not only advised us on our financial situation but have given us valuable insight in other areas such as retirement goals, wills and estate planning, money management, and tax planning.  We look forward to many more years with the team from RT Mosaic Wealth Management Ltd."

Robert and Catherine

​"I have been very impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and especially the business model that  RT Mosaic employs.  I am looking forward to a long working relationship with them. It is refreshing to work with a financial firm that puts your needs ahead of their own. Their fee only business model ensures your goals are the priority rather than what pays them the most commission.  Their in-depth financial analysis was something that I have never been subjected to before and was a fantastic tool to shed light on our current situation and allowed us to see what we need to do to reach our financial goals for the future.  I would unequivocally recommend RT Mosaic to anyone who is looking for a firm who will help you define your financial goals and help you reach them by putting your priorities first.  Dealing with RT Mosaic has been nothing but a positive experience for us. "


​"RT Mosaic's unique, unbiased and personalized approach to wealth management gives me the peace of mind that every recommendation is based on my best interests and gives me the confidence that I'm working towards my long term financial goals.  Thinking about my money used to make me feel anxious so I delayed making any decisions.  However, now that I'm working with RT Mosaic, my financial stress has alleviated."


​"Thanks again for being such an upstanding, honest and clever financial advisor."



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