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RT Mosaic, Wealth Management, FAQ

What does RT Mosaic Wealth Management do?

Simply put, RT Mosaic is a leading, award winning and independent wealth management firm based in Calgary. We help our clients achieve complete financial control over their net worth by crafting and implementing a comprehensive financial plan along with providing discretionary portfolio management solutions. We do not accept any form of compensation from third parties - removing the inherent conflict of interest that exists throughout the industry. This leaves us free to recommend the ideal solution for you.

How does RT Mosaic Wealth Management differentiate itself from the traditional investment firm?

Most investment firms provide investment management or financial planning - not both, and certainly not both on a high level. Other firms tend to use financial planning primarily to sell more products. We are dedicated and committed to providing high quality comprehensive financial planning in conjunction with professional portfolio management - a statement few firms can make, and even fewer can deliver on.

Since we are independent, we are not obliged to offer "in-house" investment solutions (ie. bank mutual funds). As a discretionary portfolio manager we have access to all investment options, from publicly traded stocks and bonds to private debt and equity.

How does RT Mosaic’s fee structure differ from industry norms?

There are generally two types of fee structures in the Canadian financial industry - transaction/commission based and fee based. With the transaction/commission based structure, the advisor is paid a percentage of each trade, in which the compensation is directly tied to the frequency and size of transactions.  With the fee-based structure, a flat annual fee is charged on all investable assets. 

​The fundamental problem with the transaction/commission based structure is the obvious conflict of interest - the more the positions are "churned", the more the advisor makes. The issue with a flat fee is that a client with $500,000 pays the same percentage as a client with $5,000,000.


RT Mosaic's fees differ in 2 important ways:

1) Our fees are built on a decreasing sliding scale. The more assets you have, the lower the fee.

2) Our fees on non-registered assets are tax deductible - a real and valuable tax deduction worth up to 48% (in Alberta).

What are your fees?

Our fees are based on a sliding scale, depending on the size of your assets.  Most people find our fees are significantly lower than what they are currently paying. There are no hidden or embedded fees. 

What is a Net Worth advisor?

A Net Worth advisor treats each client as an individual, understanding that everyone has a unique financial situation and incorporates the client's entire net worth, not just the accounts they manage, into the financial plan accounting for situations including outstanding debt, private equity, and personal businesses, to name a few. The Net Worth advisor includes all facets of the client in developing the financial plan and incorporates that information to understand and create a portfolio that is balanced and adjusted for risk. Net Worth advisors impart a fiduciary standard of care for the client to gain total control over all aspects of their financial picture.


Will you manage a part of my portfolio?

No, we do not. Since we are looking at your entire net worth, and crafting a complex plan around those numbers, it doesn't make sense for us to manage a "piece" of your assets while another advisor, who may or may not follow the overall plan, manages another portion. In fact, we believe you are doing yourself a disservice engaging in this type of arrangement.

What is a Portfolio Manager?

A Portfolio Manager is someone who exceeds the most stringent conditions, including very specific education and experience requirements, and is granted a license directly from the Securities Commission allowing them to recommend appropriate securities for inclusion in a portfolio. Portfolio Managers are held to the highest standards of any licensed advisor.

How do you construct portfolios?

We create a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for every client, tailored to their goals and risk tolerance to ensure every portfolio is unique. No two clients are alike.

We have discretionary management over the investment accounts we manage and strive for a long-term performance target return based on the client’s personalized IPS. All investments are purchased based on strict guidelines and criteria.


Service is a top priority when assessing an advisor’s ability.  How does RT Mosaic ensure excellent service?

We are not interested in having as many clients as possible. As such, RT Mosaic has a select client base and each client is important to us. Our clients receive one on one, personalized service, ensuring that all their financial affairs are looked after in a prompt, timely manner. Clients deal directly with their advisor and are never “passed off” or sold to a junior advisor.

Who are your typical clients?

Our typical client understands they need to take ownership of their financial affairs. They recognize they cannot do this successfully over time without the ongoing support of a trusted advisor and are looking for a long-term successful investment strategy, financial plan, and ongoing support. 


We are looking for long-term relationships with individuals and families that can see value from our service. 




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