Initial Contact

Prospective clients are welcome to contact us via our contact page on  Preferred methods of contact are direct email, via web-form found on the contact page or by phone.

We set up an initial phone call which gives us the opportunity to learn about the individuals background, family dynamic and previous investment experiences.

Complimentary Meeting

During the first complimentary meeting, the conversation is primarily about what the individual and, if applicable their spouse, would like to achieve in their personal and financial lives. Naturally, the conversation leads into what services we offer, our detailed investment approach, and how we can ultimately help you.

Client Breakthrough & Risk Profile Assessment

At this point, both parties typically have a good sense of compatibility.  Clients interested in moving forward complete our Letter of Engagement and complete our risk profiling tool, which is referred to as FinaMetrica. 


FinaMetrica is a proven risk profiling tool that is crucial in the financial planning process, which gives us a more insightful understanding of your financial attitudes, values, motivations, preferences and experiences. FinaMetrica has gained international recognition as world’s best practice. FinaMetrica offers previously unattainable levels of validity, reliability and accuracy in risk tolerance assessment. 

Investment Policy Statement & Portfolio Implementation

Portfolios will be individually tailored to each client’s financial position incorporating their risk tolerance, risk appetite, experience and financial goals.


An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) will be created for each client with target weightings assigned to each asset class. RT Mosaic may periodically re-balance a client’s investment portfolio to remain in-line with the client’s IPS targets.


All client accounts are held with our custodian, Fidelity Clearing Canada and all clients will be given our Relationship Disclosure Document before opening investment accounts.

Creation of the Comprehensive Financial Plan

By now, we have a solid understanding of your current financial situation, your values and goals. Combining this knowledge, along with expected income and expense information, we use our sophisticated retirement planning software to craft a plan to achieve your goals. We often run three or four scenarios' demonstrating the different effects each variable has on the ultimate outcome.


We can easily adjust how long you work or show you the difference saving an extra $1,000 per month has on retirement. On the other hand, we can show you what the impact of spending an extra $1,000 per month has on the long-term sustainability of your portfolio.


We continuously monitor and update the plan to reflect the real-life changes we all experience, ensuring we can adjust the plan in a timely matter to stay on course.


The plan is created in consultation with you and is made to work for you.

Consistent Review Meetings

Service expectations are set out at the beginning of every relationship.  At a minimum, clients can be expected to have semi-annual meetings with their portfolio manager and net worth adviser. Clients will be contacted more frequently should the need arise. Also, semi annual phone calls/emails are a part of the regular contact schedule. We invite you to contact us with any questions in the interim and strive to respond the same day.

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